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                The National Council of Single Mothers and their Children Incorporated (NCSMC) has been an organisation for single mothers since its conception in the early 1970`s. NCSMC believes that having access to information and support when and as required is empowering, it enables women to make informed decisions, and better equips them to protect and support themselves and their child (ren). NCSMC gives primacy to mothers living in hardship. NCSMC will continue to provide this service in the areas of:


                Financial Hardship ? / ? Child Support ? / ? Domestic Violence


                Additionally, NCSMC facilitates the sharing of information and the wisdom gained from lived experience and invites you to participate in these conversations through solomothers email list, face book or website. Our endeavors are enriched by the contributions, narratives and experiences of women. It is our work, commitment and connection with women that give NCMSC authenticity, validity and the right to be heard and respected.

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